Department of Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep ARDA

Today we live in a highly visual world where we communicate with one another through images and we manage our interactions with technology through graphical user interfaces. Hence, Visual Communication Design is crucial for all institutions that want to get their messages through to their target audiences and is considered among the top careers by many visionaries.

Founded in 2004, the Department of Visual Communication Design at Izmir University of Economics, has been educating versatile designers, that are sought after in Turkey and around the world for the past fifteen years. With its expert and experienced Turkish and foreign faculty members, the department endeavors to bring up visual communication designers who are aware of the possibilities offered by the information age, are capable of undertaking sophisticated visual communication projects, and can overcome obstacles with their high intellectual faculties and creative solutions.

Today, design thinking is a skill that is expected not only of professional designers, but from anyone who wants to be successful in the highly competitive international market. This mind set can only be formed in individuals and students that are nurtured in culturally diverse environments, by the development of a “designer sensibility,” by the combination of an aesthetic sense, with business strategies, relevant technical skills and an empathy for user needs.

Our curriculum, that was developed and updated within this framework, envisions a practice-based, collective study process where students can discover their own potentials and develop their creativity with the support of our expert faculty members, through courses in various fields including illustration, typography, photography, computer graphics, video production, packaging design and interaction design. Our alumni that is specialized in the requirements of digital communication, works in fields such as advertisement, web design, video and film production, 3D visualization and animation, sound and moving image design, interaction design.

I would like to greet all our junior students, wishing that they would develop themselves in the best possible way, throughout their education in our department to become competent colleagues in the years to come; while I send my warmest wishes to our alumni who make us proud with their success.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep ARDA
Department Head, Visual Communication Design